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Wheels Up!

The start to this adventure was, in one word: crazy! With just three weeks to prepare to leave Ontario, there were lots of loose ends to tie up. One of these loose ends was arguably the greatest magic trick of this adventure, also known as packing our ~2700 square foot house into just two suitcases for the four of us. It felt so good to get rid of all the material things that have been (literally) holding us down! 

More than this, going through everything forced me to come to terms with how many things we had accumulated over the years and how much of it we don’t really need. Some of it I bought simply because we had the space for it. The larger the space we had, the more I would buy. Upon reflection, I think this is why I’ve grown to love small spaces and small living designs so much. They push your creativity and discourage wastefulness. 

With our two suitcases trailing behind us, we hopped on our 7:50 am flight to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and waved goodbye to Ontario, as it grew smaller and smaller behind us. It was a good flight and a relatively easy transition. We found life less hectic and easier in Puerto Vallarta. A popular beach destination, Puerto Vallarta sits on the idyllic Pacific coast of Mexico. Though it is known for its breathtaking beaches and outdoor activities, the city is also full of cultural heritage and history. Just walking around downtown, you’ll find distinct areas such as Old Town, with cobblestone streets, vibrant buildings, and little cafes and shops. All in all, it was easy to fall in love with our new home! 

After a quick stop for groceries, we headed to our first AirBnb, a condo in a suburb 15 minutes from downtown. Being immersed among other families and day-to-day life in Puerto Vallarta has felt really authentic and lovely! Roosters and dogs run through the streets, with a constant chorus of laughter and small talk. Every night, as the sun dips down, the smell of charcoal barbeques and sounds of music fill the evening air. With a sunny 28 degrees Celsius as our daily average, the cool evenings are a much-welcome respite. 

As we get settled in, the first thing I want to do is see the infamous Malecon! Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon is a beautiful, oceanfront walking area along 12 miles of Banderas Bay with stunning views of the ocean and the city behind. The entire area is full of boutiques, restaurants, and galleries, perfect for spending an afternoon. The Malecon is also home to the vibrant energy of beach bars, musicians, and sculptures, all of which come to life even more during the sunset. Exploring the Malecon is a great way to take in the vibrant atmosphere of Puerto Vallarta and see some nearby landmarks, such as the classic Puerto Vallarta sign and The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. 

The next thing on our list is to get out onto those iconic beaches and into the ocean! Unfortunately, in the past days, Mother Nature had a surprise for us, the Red Tide. The Red Tide is a harmful algal bloom with a distinctive red color. This has kept us poolside recently, but we’re hoping for a beach day soon when the water is safe! The beauty is, there’s really no rush, since the adventure has already started!

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