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30 Days at a Time: The Adventure Begins

As I’m perched above my laptop and prepare to plan an open-ended adventure for my family, the vagabond in me breathes a relieved sigh and breaks out into a smile. I had always dreamed about taking this kind of chance, making a change, but I didn’t know if the opportunity would ever present itself. Now that it has, I’m grateful beyond words.

I’ve always had a wanderer’s spirit, with the desire to explore new places and learn new things all the time. I believe that experiencing new things keeps you on your toes and provides the pinch of discomfort needed to keep growing. When you slow down for too long, you run the risk of getting complacent and never moving onto the next adventure. With that wanderlust comes the fear of being confined, within a location, a routine, a single identity. It is easy to fall into the ease of day to day life, conforming to the expectations of those around us, and falling into the norm. So easy, that it can be difficult to know it’s even happening to you!  

Have you ever had that one reoccurring nightmare that suddently wakes you out of bed. Mine was that I will wake up one day and find myself living a life that doesn’t fulfill me, just because it was the most convenient option at the time. It’s easier for that to happen when you have kids and getting out the door can be a challenge, much less leaving the country. If you’re not paying attention, you may forget to get out of the normal routines. And a whole life can pass like that, while you’re accidentally on autopilot and don’t think to realize it. I got a real taste of that fear during the pandemic lockdowns, and let me tell you, I wasn’t a fan. 

Three years ago, my family and I were cooped up in our home, going nuts like everyone else around the world. Like most people, that time in quarantine robbed us of the opportunity to explore the world as we’d hoped we would. We stood firm on our values and belierfs leavinf us unable to travel, but quickly learning how fast life can change and freedom lost. That time really made me think about weather or not this was the life we wanted to live at all. I could feel my inner vagabond calling at me, so we tried to move around as much as we could. 

But just as the years before none of the places we landed felt right. Each time we packed up our things for a new destination, I thought maybe the next place would be the place for us. However, with each move, we got more confirmation that the traditional, suburban life just wasn’t the right fit for our family, no matter where we tried. The conventional life we were trying to live left us feeling stagnant and unfulfilled. We yearned for inspiration, for something new to see and experience, for something to fuel our souls. But, life can change on a dime, and it has for us! Now, we’re getting ready to embark on a new adventure and build a lifestyle that truly fits our family!

Sometimes life surprises us. It surprised me less than 30 days ago, when an unexpected opportunity to start living the life we dreamed of fell into our laps. One thing that didn’t surprise me: we decided to take the opportunity and embrace the nomad lifestyle for our family. In no time at all, I found myself with my laptop open, booking tickets for a one-way flight to Mexico, the start of our adventure! 

Though Mexico will be our first destination, there’s no telling how far our adventure will spread or where the next step will take us. In fact, we don’t even know where our next step will be. At times, this can be a little bit scary, especially in comparison to the predictable life we have been leading up to this point. A little bit scary, but it’s mostly exhilarating. We will finally be exploring and learning new things every day, contending with all the charms and challenges that come along with it. We’ve decided to take life 30 days at a time, and our next 30 days will be spent in Mexico! We couldn’t be more excited! 

Mexico is the perfect place to start this family adventure, since it has such a rich history and cultural vibrance to explore. You can never be bored in Mexico! Mexico has a rich cultural heritage, which spans from the Aztecs and Mayans, through Spanish colonialism, to the modern day Republic. It’s a country that celebrates its past through lively regional traditions, music, dance, and art. It’s also a place full of warm and hospitable people, who value family and togetherness. An afternoon in Mexico can bring you more color, vibrancy, and flavor than a regular week in our lives back at home. And we are so excited to take on our first 30 days in Mexico, learning what it’s like to be a vagabond family!  

If you want to follow us, day-by-day, on our family adventure, I invite you to follow us here and on all of our social media channels! I intend to share everything: the highs and the lows, the challenges and the triumphs, as we learn to live 30 days at a time. I hope that our experience helps inspire you to follow your dreams, whatever they may be, and start your own adventure. 

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